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St. Patty Sexy

By February 4, 2011fashion faves is a fave clothing line of mine about positive thinking, positive energy and changing your outlook from the inside out.

Their high-style bamboo and cotton tees have all kinds of sayings: “Green Is Sexy,” “Gratitude Rocks,” “Grounded for life,” “Shift Happens” and more. They’re about how change is constant and how negative thinking is so out of style. The tees have a sexy, great fit and they make you feel good inside, too. Expect many comments as you head outside. People will probably reading your tee, think for a moment and smile. You’ll be reminded of thinking a little bigger, kinder and with more gratitude and stress less when wearing them

They’re also great for conversation, as so many people have their guards up all the time, particularly here in OC and LA. You’ll be surprised how many people will start conversations with you when they see you’re approachable and thinking positive. Two awesome women, Betsy Mendel and Rachael Singer, started the line. They left their day jobs for a life more inspired. Another example to follow your heart. Change your thinking, change your life.


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