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Disneyland holiday magic to the rescue

By November 22, 2011Orange County

After 8 long, stressful days in NICU since our baby arrived early, we needed a big dose of some Disney magic–some lighthearted fantasy, the escape of a holiday wonderland. So our first outing with our new baby was Disneyland! Some probably thought I was crazy to be out and about so fast, but it was just the fix our family needed.

You see our new boy was born on my daughter’s birthday and “It’s okay, Mom” was all I heard for that week, as her party got cancelled, she slept in hospitals, she ate her grocery cake next to my Mission Hospital bedside and, well you get the picture. She was a trooper through it all, but I saw the deep, disappointment of her invisible 8th birthday that I just couldn’t seem to fix. Not many things can make up for a year of anticipated hopes and little girl dreams.

Luckily, Disneyland just so happened to be hosting a holiday blogger preview event. So we gathered ourselves, and ungracefully stumbled out the door as our new family of five.

My girl beamed, giddy with the promise of the special escape. “Mommy, the castle was so beautiful!” “The reindeer were the best.” “The rides were so much fun.” And she beamed as we hit the holiday party later that night. It was so fantastic to see her having fun, getting lost in the moment and finally getting her special day.

Indeed we all had fun, forgetting the stress of our very long week and becoming normal again … socializing, laughing, walking amongst the magical decor. Sometimes nothing other than Disneyland can fix the big things. Let’s face it, it’s tough times economically, the holidays can bring stress and sadness, and many other factors get magnified. So if you need a holiday boost, Disneyland can really work its magic. It did for us. We are so blessed to have our happy, healthy bundle of joy. And when it comes to memories, I’m sure my girl will always remember her belated 8th birthday celebrated at Disneyland.

So if you can relate (whatever your circumstance), pick you fantasy day to get away and get lost in all the holiday spirit. There’s much to see and do in 2011, from the new toon-themed cartoon-style Christmas tree this season for the 2011 holidays at Disneyland Resort. Check out the seasonal addition to the “World of Color” nighttime water spectacular. Holiday favorites return with “A Christmas Fantasy” parade, the nightly snowfall on Main Street, U.S.A, and the special holiday versions of Haunted Mansion and “it’s a small world” Holiday. And in Fantasyland, holiday guests will find the traditional snowdrifts and icicles adorning Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle.  Then top the day off with a “Believe … in Holiday Magic” fireworks night show. For more details, visit and for hotel and ticket offers, visit

Happy holidays, all. Enjoy the magic of the season.

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