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Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration 1st Look

By May 29, 2015December 4th, 2015Orange County

Walt would have loved it. Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders perfectly captured it with their song ‘Forever Young.’ And we were among many who felt it—that simple joy of being kid at heart, at any age. Disneyland’s nostalgic 60th anniversary is all about an epic celebration of “a work of love, at a place that is ours to treasure forever more,” as he said it so many years ago.

This summer’s celebration indeed tells the story of generations who have traveled to “a place that is always growing, but never grows old.” And, the truth is, in all the pomp and circumstance of the celebration, we should all give ourselves a little pat on the back for embracing, cherishing and protecting the wonder of this place for so many years with our children—and keeping the magic alive.

Everything about Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, The Diamond Celebration that kicked off May 22, takes you back to real fun, spectacular surprise and magical moments of “how’d they do that?!  There is no doubt that you’ve heard the buzz all over the news about Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration (and we know OC Mom Magazine personally blitzed your Facebook feed with exclusive first looks, from fireworks to parade eye candy on, but while there’s oodles of fresh eye candy at the Disneyland Resort during this Diamond Celebration, don’t be distracted by all you have to see and do. Quite simply, the magic will lead the way to what you can’t miss as you go about your time just having fun.

More than anything, just get back to why Disneyland was created. To be an “enchanted place for making memories with family and friends.” It’s remarkably magical this summer.

My family and I were immersed in the nostalgia and wonder of Disneyland as we partied for three days, and even rallied through the full 24-hr party; my husband and I were silly like kids, screaming on crazy roller coasters, feeling spooky in Haunted Mansion, gasping on the grand ferris wheel and cackling in the flying Silly Swings. We forgot about work, carpool, bills, and the errands that bogs most of us down. We just had fun—vintage fun, like you were supposed to, like Walt wanted. And the kids, well, they’re kids, they loved it!

So don’t be surprised if you get a little misty-eyed watching the fireworks with snow falling over Main Street (in the middle of summer!), or seeing the World of Color as the heartstring-tugging rendition of the classic song, “Forever Young,” with flashbacks of Walt talking about “a vision where children and parents could have fun together; dedicated to the ideals and dreams that have created America with a hope that it would be a source of joy all Americans.” We all have. Follow the magic and chances are you’ll stumble upon these new wonderful additions this summer:

Top 10 Spectaculars of Disneyland Resort’s Diamond Celebration … read them in my story on OC Mom Magazine.


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