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Fashion Camp OC for Future Fashionistas

By July 12, 2012Orange County

Think Project Runway for kids, but without the “you’re either in or out” finale, and no one has to pack up their scissors. Fashion Camp OC is brilliant for young girls with big design dreams. My girl, Zoe, is there now and I’m truly quite impressed with what I’ve seen.

Zoe is midweek at the camp, which is held at SOCO (South Coast Collection), and so far she’s designed an inspiration board, sketched outfits, made a bag, belt and bracelet, tissued out a dress and done a photo shoot.

There are two days of camp left and then a final fashion show on Friday (I’ll tell you all about it on OC Family soon, so stay fashion-tuned). The camp is the real deal, which I love. I was a bit worried about my young gal hanging out at the progressive SOCO without me, but it’s completely fine. And I actually adore the fact that she’s amongst current, on-trend designers and boutiques. (If you still haven’t been to SOCO by the way, get there –my SOCO story for Bask Magazine).

Below is one of my favorite shots from the week so far, seeing Zoe in her element with a flash of her potential fashion future.

Erin Bianchi created the camp, as there was nothing like it for young fashionistas in Orange County. To Erin’s credit, she’s stuck to her design-guns and kept it about fashion. “Parents ask me if we can make pillows, and I nicely say no, this is about fashion—we’re not crafty, we’re about style.” Kudos (from me, the least crafty gal in OC probably). It’s fabulous when kids get real-world hands-on experience. Erin told me when she grew up the closest thing to what she has created was modeling school, which she talked her mom into doing to get into fashion any way she could.

Erin’s original intentions for the camp were holiday breaks and summer, but the concept has blown up with such demand that she now offers all kinds of ongoing “camps”—classes, really—for gals to get schooled at SOCO’s Fashion Camp OC. Erin speaking to a group, below.

A look at the first three days of Fashion Camp OC that began with Erin and team, who met the girls on the pink carpet with an official step and repeat, of course.

For upcoming camps, visit or call 949-478-0846. Camps available: Kids (7-9), Tweens (10-12) and Teens (13-17) $295 for the week, all materials are included.

Fashion Camp OC
The OC Mart MiX at the South Coast Collection Center
3313 Hyland Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Also, check out Erin on KTLA recently, it’s a great look at what Fashion Camp OC is all about, straight from Erin.

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