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My favorite finds for baby, January 2012 OC Family cover story

By January 6, 2012Orange County

I set out to find the latest gear for little ones in this month’s cover story for OC Family. Here’s a taste and link to the full story…

What’s a new parent to do? The baby marketplace is filled with an overload of “now” and “next” and “latest and greatest.” It can be overwhelming when trying to sort through it all. I know this all too well, as I’m the exact demographic that all these new products are targeting. A mom (again) and six years out of the new-baby scene (we have two other children), I was on the hunt for the smartest, most stylish and most ingenious baby must-haves.

So, if you have a baby due soon, here’s my list: everything from a 360-degree orbital stroller with engraved skateboards to a space-age-looking swing/bouncer hybrid to the latest green line of lotions for babe and mum. Enjoy the gadgetry and sophisticated products of all things baby for the lucky newbie parents and newborns of 2012.

We just gave birth to our little guy, Fox, who helped us try out all of the items.

Here’s a look below at the 4-page Feature Story in this month’s OC Family Magazine.

Click here for the full digital read:
(and note the actual url for OiOi bag featured:

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