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Wave your Freak Flag. Shrek was a heck of a show at SCFTA.

By October 6, 2011Orange County

Shrek the Musical was silly, funny, charming, wild, vibrant and had the crowds cheering, laughing, hooting. My kids adored it; they wouldn’t even let us leave early on the Weds school night it was. And I saw many in the crowd who didn’t even have kids. Shrek the Musical, on now through Oct. 16th, at Segerstrom Center for the Arts is really a riot with goofy kid humor and many inside jokes parents will giggle out loud at.

Several of us from OC Family were invited to the show to sit in the Social Swamp and tweet away. You can check the Twitter hashtag: #shrekontour to see the live tweeting and reactions from our different families there. The tweet trail will give you a play-by-play kind of feel for the show. I never like to get too in-depth on reviews, as I hate to give too much away about performances, so I won’t go into the favorite acts or lines (there’s too much ogre magic to let out of the bag). But know that you and your kids will adore it and that the cast, sets and costumes were top-notch. And that oversized puppet dragon was very cool!

Here’s a look at the trailer to give you a tease:

And a snapshot here of our tweeting in the Social Swamp at Segerstrom Hall. Enjoy, my ogre friends, and wave your inner Freak Flag when you go, as everyone is different and that is the beauty of what makes the world go round.

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