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Go more green in 2001? There's an App for that.

By January 6, 2011Orange County

Did you know we have an iTunes App Diva among us? The clever, crafty and multitalented Ciaran Blumenfeld of our own OC, whipped up an easy, instant green way to skip those annoying (let’s admit it) thank you letters you may be feeling guilted to get out. So I thought I’d share the simple.

iGift Thanks is a cool, brand new app that takes seconds to send your post-holiday (or any day) thank you’s.

I’ve already sent three, and it’s pretty handy. And if you have a photo of the gift, or even better is the kids with the gift, you can add it and frame it (numerous occasion frames to choose).

It’s pretty clever, really. You can give it a go for under $2 on iTunes. I used it for kids’ gifts and holiday pet sitting help.

Think it’s too impersonal? It isn’t. It’s the thought, and you can actually get it out this way. (You’ll never handwrite that card, and it’ll be Feb. soon, and then you’ll be guilted by it being too late. I’ve been there. Too many times.)

And, hey, you save trees too.

To a thankful, green 2011.

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