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Sunset Paddles with Pirate Coast and Back Bay Bistro

By July 16, 2012Orange County

If you’re still wondering what it’s like to do SUP, get on it and get a paddle in the water. It’s so much easier than you think (in the harbor, not the ocean). And if you have done SUP, but maybe not at sunset, you’re missing out and you must try it. Pirate Coast PC is a great group of guys and gals that offer SUP at The Dunes in Newport Beach. Their new location there is chill, beautiful and makes it so easy to get on and off a board.

They always have great events going on, but a real gem is their Sunset Paddle when the scene just seems more dreamy, peaceful, and the water sparkles just right. We took the kids on a recent Sunset Paddle and it was charming. Tim and Mark were so cool with my kids, who are just 7 and 8 years old; letting them hop on a board of their own while the adults and much older teens took to the water.


I admit, I was a little nervous, particularly for my son, but the Pirate guys said, “Let’s see if he gets it, let’s give him a little time.” One of the owners hung back with my husband and son to teach him the ropes a bit (before possibly booted to sit on the front of Dad’s boards). And sure enough, my Ty got it. “It” was of course the hang of it, but “it” was also about an ocean-size dose of confidence. It was awesome to seem him up on his SUP board “leading” all the other paddlers back to shore, as seen here.

The Sunset Paddle really is magical. And it’s paired with a gathering Wednesday nights at Back Bay Bistro afterwards; it’s officially dubbed a Wild Wednesday Happy Hour, but kids can go inside the restaurant and have dinner or grab appetizers. My kids had Shirley Temples and pasta and I had a Veggie Burger and Corona. The restaurant is very quiet at night midweek so things are pretty low key for kids and it’s a relaxing way to end a summer night.

Wild Wednesday Happy Hour:
It’s a Guided Group Tour
$25 pp
Lesson provided
Includes Exclusive Pirate Coast Happy Hour @ Bistro after.
Approximately 1 hour paddle
Meet at 6:45pm


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